My favorite country in the world

(so far)

After spending four winter days in the city of Marrakech, I fell completely in love with the country, its colors, its narrow streets, its souks and people.

In Marrakech everything is different, it’s like going back 2,000 years in time. You can see their typical clothes, gastronomy, market system, and daily life… which, despite the passing of the years and the technological advances, remains the same.

But the most characteristic thing about the city is its smell. The shops full of spices will make you feel their colors as soon as you enter them. The mixture of smells between tea, food and life will become so typical that you will begin to miss them once you return.

And if the smell is already impressive, you’ll then love the taste. Moroccan gastronomy is known for its flavors; tagine of lamb, veal, chicken or vegetables, accompanied by the typical couscous, is the traditional dish from Morocco, as well as a must-try recipe! In the main square, you will find orange juices, as well as the traditional mint tea, which is also normally served as a reception gift or after a meal.

Check out this 3-days-in Marrakech guide. It was very useful for me!

The city of Marrakech will fascinate anyone who comes to walk its streets. If you are one of those who loves contrasts, beauty, the hustle and bustle of people, and the moving life… Marrakech will leave you speechless.